Questions To Ask When Your Heater Breaks In Winter


A surprise heating breakdown can be an awful occurrence, especially if you're encountering freezing temperatures outside. If the thought of paying for emergency heating repair is difficult, here are some questions to help you decide if and how you can make the repair. 

How Important Is it to Fix the Heater Right Now?

You might want to consider how important it is to repair the heater right away. In some cases, it's possible to wait it out while using other methods to stay warm. That way, you'll have more time to gather the extra cash, and you may be able to avoid the surge pricing that comes with heating repair in the middle of winter. But if you have a vulnerable family member in the home, heating contractors can become more of an emergency. If you have a small child or an aging adult, for instance, emergency heating repair is the best option. 

What Pricing Options Do You Have?

It may take a bit more research to find a great heating company that won't charge additional fees for last-minute, winter heating repair. Be sure that you ask each of the heating contractors upfront what the total dollar amount would be, including any extra fees. You might need to cast a wider net to locate more options; even though another company may be out of your range, they may still be cheaper, even when you consider added travel costs. 

Can You Get a Loan?

If money is the biggest concern, there are a few options to consider for raising funds. You might be able to get your existing credit limits temporarily raised in the case of a home emergency. Pawning jewelry or other non-essential, luxury items is another option for getting by in a pinch. Some local government programs may also help with emergency heating issues, so be sure to check and see if you quality for any social assistance. 

Should You Consider Alternative Heating Options?

Another thing to think about is what alternatives you can find. For instance, can you consolidate the family into one or two rooms and use a space heater to provide warmth? If you do this, make sure that you are also keeping items in your home warm that won't do well in the cold. And be sure that your plumbing pipes are insulated before you attempt to go without heat; frozen pipes have the potential to burst and cause an even bigger mess.

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6 October 2016

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