Flipping Houses? High-End Efficient Options Help You Make More Profit


If you flip houses and you are always looking for ways to attract buyers and get the most out of you properties, making the properties energy efficient and adding options buyers wouldn't normally think about is the way to do it. You can get a lot of money for the property because you went above installing the normal appliances that would come with a flipped house, and instead you decided to put thought and great features into the property. Consider adding these different things.

Heat Pumps

Install heat pumps in the home so the potential buyer knows they are going to save on heating and cooling costs in the future. Heat pumps can do the following:

  • Heat and cool the property
  • Work more efficiently than furnaces and air conditioners
  • Lower heating and cooling costs by assisting heaters
  • Heat hot water

These units are ideal for small properties that you're flipping and can be used instead of installing an air conditioning unit. Look at different heat pump options to see what will be the best for each individual property you flip.

Electrical Solar Panel

The electrical solar panel can help to provide electricity to the home so the buyer doesn't have to worry about high electrical bills in the future. If you already have to do redo some of the roof, or replace the roofing shingles, look into having some solar panels installed on the home. This improves home value and is a very unique selling features.

No Tank Water Heater

A water heater that doesn't have a large central tank, but instead heats water for the home with electricity or gas as it comes out of the pipes, is best. This is an efficient choice for the property, it can be installed easily in a location where people don't see it, and it doesn't take up a lot of space anywhere in the home. The size you need will be based on the water demands of the house and how many bathrooms and appliances there are.

If you are flipping homes and you find that some of the buyers that tour your properties are looking for high quality features and not just the builder grade options you normally put in, look into some of these options. Adding things like these will attract a higher end of buyers and will help you make more money off the properties when you go to sell. Contact a company like All American Plumbing & Heating for more information about your options.


6 October 2016

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