Accessories To Have When You Rent Portable Toilets For Your Event


When you're preparing for an outdoor event, it's important to have a plan for when nature calls for your guests. In many cases, the solution to this issue involves renting portable toilets that you can place throughout the area. It's always a good idea to contact a couple rental companies to talk to about not just about their rates, but also the delivery and pick-up process and the cleanliness of the toilets. You should also plan to discuss the various accessories that some companies include with their toilets; this can save you having to supply these accessories yourself. Here are some things to discuss before you confirm your rental.


Many, but not all, toilet rental companies will have small mirrors mounted to the wall inside their portable toilets. The presence of a mirror is a welcome addition for virtually everyone who uses the toilets, as people will want to check their hair, makeup, and outfit before they leave the toilet to return to the gathering. While you can certainly buy some small mirrors and mount them with adhesive strips, giving your business to a company that includes mirrors in all of its portable toilets will save you this job.

Air Freshener

As long as you rent from a reputable company, you can count on the portable toilets smelling clean and fresh when they show up at your venue. Once they're used by dozens of guests over the course of the event, however, you want to make sure that they still smell pleasing. Many portable toilet rental companies will include some form of air freshener inside their toilets. This could be a commercial system that releases a spray at regular intervals, a standard freshener that simply sits on the counter, or an aerosol can of air freshener that people can use when they finish doing their business.

Internal Lighting

During the daytime, the air vents in the top of the portable toilet will provide enough light inside. However, if your event will be taking place in the evening, it's ideal to rent portable toilets that have some form of internal lighting. This will prevent your guests from having to use their smartphones as a source of light ā€” and possibly risk dropping the phone down the toilet. Some portable toilets have a battery- or solar-powered light on the ceiling that can be switched on and off with a wall switch mounted near the door.


6 October 2016

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