Hiring The Best Plumber For The Job


There are few things more frustrating in your home than when you try to wash the dinner dishes and your sink or dishwasher backs up. Another annoying plumbing situation is when your toilet won't flush properly or your bathtub won't drain. Although these scenarios can put a crimp in your day or night, a reputable plumber should be able to fix them fast.

Some companies work on all types of plumbing issues while others specialize in specific areas of the home, so it pays to do a little bit of research prior to hiring one. You may have to try out a few different plumbers until you find the right one. 

Even if a highly experienced, reputable plumber may cost a little more per hour, it could be worth it in the long run. Besides researching local plumbing companies yourself, ask neighbors and friends who they recommend. 

Here are some tips for choosing the best plumber:

1. Ask the plumbing company if they give out bids or quotes, or if a money-back guarantee is available, before they start working on your pipes. 

2. Make sure the plumber you are considering hiring is insured and possibly even bonded if your state requires it. If the plumber is insured, you'll be protected in the case of an accident. 

3. Ask about a plumbing company's specialty. For instance, if you're having bathroom pipe issues, look for a plumber who has extensive experience and knowledge in this area. This will help ensure that they will be thorough on their first visit, and not have to make repeated housecalls just to fix one issue. 

Also, inquire as to how familiar a plumber is with working on your type of house. Newer homes have different piping systems than historic homes, which tend to have narrower pipes made of outdated materials such as cast iron and lead. If you have an older home, make sure the plumber has expertise with those types of pipes.

4. Consider whether the plumbing company that you want to make your go-to plumbers have hours that work with your schedule. If you work until late afternoon, you may want a company that makes visits until at least 6 pm so you can be home for them. It may also be more convenient to work with a company that makes emergency weekend calls as well, since you'll never know when a plumbing disaster will strike. 

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30 September 2016

Learning About Plumbing Repairs

Hello, I’m Melanie. Welcome to my site about plumbing repairs. When I went on vacation last winter, the pipes beneath my house burst during a cold snap. I did not notice the problem until the weather warmed up and the pipes started leaking an immense amount of water. I had a plumber come inspect the crawlspace under my home to find and assess the problem. The broken pipes had to be replaced to rectify the issue. My site will cover all sorts of plumbing problems and repairs in detail to help you deal with similar situations. Some of these will be DIY, but others you'll need to know when to hire a professional.