Addressing Routine Sewer Line Myths


There are few plumbing problems that can be more serious than issues with your sewer line. Unfortunately, you might not be very informed when it comes to addressing routine sewer line problems. To help you with this potential problem, you should learn the truth about a few common sewer line myths.

Myth: A Sewer Line Problem Will Not Have Early Warning Signs

Some homeowners are unaware of the warning signs that can precede a serious sewer line problem. One of the more common warning signs of this problem may be the grass above the sewer line growing more rapidly or turning a brighter shade of green. This is due to the abundance of nutrients that may be seeping out of the compromised sewer line. Another warning sign can be your drains running more slowly as well as foul odors coming from them. If you notice these warning signs, you should contact an experienced plumber as soon as possible to inspect the damage.

Myth: There Are No Steps To Help Minimize The Risk Of A Sewer Line Problem

Taking a few simple preventative steps can help you drastically lower the risk of your home developing serious plumbing issues. One of the most effective steps will be to closely monitor what you pour down your drains. In addition to preventing large items from going into your pipes, you will also want to avoid pouring grease or other sticky substances down the drains as these substances can cause clogs to start to develop. Another step that you can take to help prevent issues with the sewer line is to have it professionally cleaned. When this type of maintenance is done, professionals will spray the interior of the pipes with powerful jets of water that can remove any deposits that may be starting to gather on the interior of the pipe. Depending on the amount of water used by your home, this type of maintenance may only need to be done every few years to help prevent clogs from forming.

Myth: Repairing A Damaged Sewer Line Will Always Require Expensive Excavations

When your home is unfortunate enough to suffer a problem with the sewer line, it is important to understand that it may not be necessary to excavate your yard to repair the damage. This is possible through the use of a camera that can be inserted into the sewer line to determine the source and extent of the problem. In instances where the line is clogged or suffering from a small leak, these tools may be equipped to repair the damage without digging up the yard.

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28 September 2016

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