Things To Carry If You Expect To Visit A Portable Toilet With A Small Child


Whether you're at a fair, outdoor wedding, youth sports tournament or another similar type of event, you're likely to rely on a portable toilet when nature calls. If you're at the venue with a small child who needs help going to the bathroom, you'll want to pack a few simple items that will make the experience easier. There's a good chance your child won't have previously experienced a portable toilet, which means that he or she might be marveling at the new surroundings ā€” but you'll still need to make sure the child is focused enough to do his or her business. Here are some things that can help you.

Toilet Seat Cover

There are many different styles of toilet seat covers available where you buy children's bathroom supplies, but all of them have the purpose of making a larger toilet seat more comfortable for a small backside. If your child can't get comfortable, you'll have trouble urging him or her to go. When the seat is in place, the child will feel more supported and will be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Many toilet seat covers can fold, allowing you to carry the device in your purse or backpack with ease.

Foot Stool

While you can lift your child up onto the portable toilet, he or she might feel more comfortable with something underfoot. If you use a foot stool in the bathroom at home to provide foot support, carrying a similar size of foot stool with you to the event venue will make the toilet process easier. Children are often habitual, so your ability to create the general feeling of sitting on the toilet at home, despite using a portable toilet, can help to make your child relaxed enough to go. Try to find a folding foot stool so that you can carry it more easily.

Hand Wipes

Portable toilets are clean inside when they're delivered by the rental company, but if many people have used the facility throughout the course of the event, you may be concerned about having your child touch the various surfaces. Instead of telling him or her to avoid touching anything, which can be distracting to the task at hand, simply carry a package of hand wipes. Many children enjoy using this type of wipe because it's different from washing their hands in the sink, and you can dispose of the wipes down the toilet when done with them.


26 September 2016

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