Signs Of A Water Main Leak


A leaking water main can be a major concern. Not only will the leak cause your pipe to constantly run water, and thus cost you money on your bill, it can also lead to damage to your yard or your home's foundation. While the repercussions are severe, the signs of the leak may not be immediately obvious. The following signs may indicate that the main running to your home has sprung a leak.

Sign #1: Wet spots

These are most obvious in dry weather. If your yard develops a soggy or marshy spot where there wasn't one previously, then you may be dealing with a water leak. Other signs are standing water when there is no reason for the standing water, such as next to the foundation of your home or in the gutter in front of your house.

You can determine if the water may be coming from your water main by tracing the approximate location of the main. Locate the manhole cover in front of your home and then find where the main enters your home, which is often near the water meter or the main water shut-off valve. The main likely stretches between these two items. If the standing water or soggy spot is near the approximate main location, you likely have a leak.

Sign #2: Your meter is running

Shut off all faucets and items that use water in the home, including sprinkler systems, ice makers, and evaporative coolers. Then, check your meter and write down the numbers that are showing. You can go about your business for the next hour or so, just make sure that you don't use any water in this time. After the allotted time, check the meter again. If the numbers have changed, then you are leaking water somewhere in the house or along the water main.

Sign #3: There is a hissing noise

This noise is most obvious in home where they main enter through a basement and the pipe is somewhat exposed, but you may be able to hear it near where the main pipe enters the home even if you don't have a basement. The hissing noise is only a concern if you hear it when there is no water running inside the home, since the pipe should only be making this noise when water is actively running out of it. If you hear hissing, have your main checked for leaks.

Often, a water main can be repaired if it is caught early. This saves you the cost of a full replacement. Contact a plumber in your area as soon as you suspect an issue.


26 September 2016

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