Four Key Signs That Your Toilet Is Wasting Water


Pretty much every homeowner knows that toilets can be a major source of water waste in the house, but how can you actually recognize wasted water as it occurs? Besides a high water bill, it isn't always obvious that the various sounds and symptoms of your toilet may be pointing to a leak or other inefficiencies. If you suspect that your toilet meets one or more of the following four symptoms, calling a plumbing repair specialist could help save you hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water every month. 

The Toilet Flushes Autonomously

Besides being a somewhat spooky occurrence, a toilet flushing by itself can lead to significant water waste, particularly if it becomes a regular event. This is almost always the result of a flapper that has failed. If the flapper has become deformed or broken, it will cause water to flow from your tank to your bowl even when the toilet is idle, leading to constant or sporadic flushing. Thankfully, this is a minor and inexpensive repair. 

The Tank Has a Dripping Sound 

Another symptom of a faulty flapper is a steady dripping sound coming from inside your tank. Although a light drip is not as pressing as flushing, it is still a sign that your flapper will need replacing before more serious problems begin developing. Another common culprit is the fill valve, which will occasionally begin dripping into your tank's overflow pipe via the refill tube. An experienced plumber should be able to quickly tell which part is the culprit and needs replacing. 

The Toilet Runs Constantly

Most people know that a toilet that won't stop running is in need of repair. Again, the flapper is often the first suspect in these cases, though usually it is the result of a broken or snared chain. You may also simply need to adjust your float to a lower water level, which will prevent your toilet from attempting to fill to a level it can't reach. These solutions are often easy enough to perform on your own, but don't hesitate to call in a professional if you can't seem to fix the issue. 

Water Leaks From Any Part of the Toilet 

Leaking water from your toilet is not only wasteful, but also potentially harmful to your household and the house itself. The cause might be a cracked tank or bowl, or it could be a deeper problem that will require more extensive repairs or replacing the toilet altogether. If you are tired of high water bills and a constantly leaky toilet, call your local plumbing repair service, such as Silverdale Plumbing & Heating Inc, to have a technician diagnose and fix the problem once and for all. 


22 September 2016

Learning About Plumbing Repairs

Hello, I’m Melanie. Welcome to my site about plumbing repairs. When I went on vacation last winter, the pipes beneath my house burst during a cold snap. I did not notice the problem until the weather warmed up and the pipes started leaking an immense amount of water. I had a plumber come inspect the crawlspace under my home to find and assess the problem. The broken pipes had to be replaced to rectify the issue. My site will cover all sorts of plumbing problems and repairs in detail to help you deal with similar situations. Some of these will be DIY, but others you'll need to know when to hire a professional.