Facing A Grueling Summer Day With No AC? Try These Quick Hacks To Cool Down Your Home


Just when the mercury starts rising and the sweltering summer sun is at its highest, your home's cooling system decides that now would be the best time to kick the bucket. Unfortunately, the summer season is often when cooling professionals and HVAC teams are their busiest, so a broken-down cooling system may mean a short wait before help comes to the rescue. Even though your home may start to quickly feel like a sauna, you should know that there are a few things you can do to lower the temperature by at least a few degrees so you can stay a bit more comfortable. 

Line your windows with aluminum foil. 

It may sound like a tacky tactic, or even one you recall your grandparents attempting, but lining your windows with a reflective material during an AC outage actually works, and it can work quite well. Even if you have modern windows with layers of UV protection, the sun shining through the glass can produce a lot of heat that just won't leave. Lining your windows with aluminum foil reflects that sunlight back out toward the atmosphere and away from your home, which can be enough to prevent your home from feeling like an oven. 

Create a makeshift AC with a bucket of ice and a fan. 

Grab a large bowl, pan, or bucket and fill it as full of ice as possible. Situate this container of ice in front of a fan, whether it is a simple box fan or a standing fan. As the blowing air moves over the ice, it will drop the temperature of that air considerably. As the ice melts away, refill it. You can even prolong the melting process by freezing gallon jugs of water instead. This cool burst of air can give you quite a relief while you are sitting around trying to stay cool, and can even be enough to make an entire small room feel comfortable. 

Turn on your ventilation fan even though the AC is dysfunctional. 

If you have a central cooling system, the fan usually works independently of the actual air system when needed. Check your thermostat for a simple switch that allows you to switch the fan from the "auto" position (which kicks the fan on only when the air unit is in operation), to the "on" position. The fan will kick on and blow air through your vents; although the air may not be cold. However, as air is moving through the vents, hot air is being sucked through the intake or return vents in the house, which can expel quite a hefty amount of heat and humidity. 

If your AC stops working, contact a company like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for assistance.


21 September 2016

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