Addressing Three Questions About Caring For Your Furnace


Your oil-burning furnace is one of the most important and complicated devices that is in your home. However, despite its significant importance, many people will make the mistake of failing to be properly informed about this appliance. When this mistake is made, it can be more difficult to make sound choices when you are caring for these systems. To keep you safe from some routine oversights, you will need to learn the answers to some of the more frequently asked care questions.

Will The Combustion Chamber Require Any Care?

The combustion chamber where the heating oil is ignited can be subjected to intense stresses over the course of a heating season. In particular, it is possible for residue to gather on the interior of this chamber, and this residue will be able to gradually corrode the metal. Unfortunately, if you fail to regularly remove this residue, the corrosion can become severe enough to require the combustion chamber to be replaced. By having this chamber professionally cleaned prior to the start of the heating season, you can help to protect it against this potentially devastating form of damage.

Is Rust On The Exhaust Flue A Serious Problem?

One day, you may notice that the flue is starting to develop rust. While a little bit of rust may not seem like a serious problem, it can eventually cause holes to form in the flue. Once this has happened, noxious gases from the furnace may start to seep into the house. When this occurs, you and your family can face extreme health risks. In the event that you notice rust on the flue, you should contact a repair technician to either patch the damaged area or replace the entire flue.  

What Happens If You Fail To Replace The Oil Filter?

The oil filter can be another essential part of these systems. The heating oil can contain impurities that may greatly diminish the effectiveness of your furnace. This occurs because these substances can form deposits that may clog the fuel lines or the burner. Located where the clog is in the heating system can be an extremely labor-intensive task as the system will need to be disassembled, which can be very inconvenient and expensive.

Your home's furnace is an essential component for ensuring that your family is warm and comfortable in the winter. However, being uninformed about these systems can make your home more prone to suffering potentially serious problems. By appreciating the need to have the combustion chamber cleaned, replacing the air filter, and have rust on your flue repaired, you can help your home avoid these routine furnace issues. Contact a company like Washam Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning for more info.


20 September 2016

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