Replace Your Sewer Line Without Destroying Your Garden


Sewer lines can become damaged and misaligned over time by changing temperatures, invasive tree roots that break sewer pipes, and various other causes.

The only option available in the past was to dig up the old sewer line to replace it. Because sewer lines are buried deep beneath the surface, a backhoe would be used to dig a deep trench along the path of the sewer line.

This results in anything on the surface being uprooted and displaced, which means gardens that may have taken several years to achieve their potential can be destroyed in a day.

Fortunately, there are now less obtrusive ways to replace broken or corrupted sewer pipes that leave the surface above the sewer line unscathed.

Trenchless sewer repair options

There are two basic options for trenchless sewer repair, but your choice of options may be determined by the condition of your present sewer line.

Pipe bursting

This is the only option available if your present sewer line is in very poor shape, with multiple breaks or a collapse in the line. Pipe bursting involves using a hydraulic winch to pull a tapered wedge through the existing pipe, shattering it and scattering the remaining pieces.

A new sewer pipe is pulled into place behind the wedge as it breaks apart the existing line. This method requires only two pits to be dug, one at the entrance point and another at the end point for the hydraulic winch.

Pipe Lining

This trenchless repair option requires the existing sewer line to be reasonably intact, because the pipe will be used as a mold for a replacement line. 

Pipe lining involves pulling a flexible resin covered tube through the existing sewer pipe. A bladder is then inserted and inflated, pressing the tube against the inner wall of the pipe. Only one hole is necessary for this method of sewer pipe replacement.

After the resin cures and hardens, the bladder is deflated and removed, and a new pipe is formed inside the defective existing pipe.

This type of pipe is superior to traditional cast iron pipes, which are more vulnerable to breakage from ground shift and to corruption from tree roots, which break through the surface of cast iron sewer pipes.

Trenchless sewer replacement is more expensive than traditional methods, but the additional cost is offset by restoration of surface areas affected by digging a trench.

A garden that has taken years of work and love to blossom is priceless, and more than justifies the additional expense required to save it from the backhoe. To learn more, speak with a business like South West Plumbing.


24 January 2016

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