Changes That Make All The Difference To How Much You Enoy Your Bathroom


If your bathroom isn't quite as comfortable as you like it to be, there are a few changes you can make that will help create a much more relaxing environment. Some of these changes are quite simple, and you can take care of them yourself. Others are a bit more involved and may require the assistance of a professional electrician or plumber. Learn about some changes you may want to consider making in your bathroom in this article.

Install heat lamps

Installing heat lamps in your bathroom will help to make it a much more comfortable room during those cold winter nights and mornings. It can be hard to get out of a nice, warm bath only to be hit by the freezing cold air in the bathroom.

Heat lamps can be installed where your current lights are. A heat lamp can also come with regular lights on the same unit. Unless you have electrical experience, you should have an electrician come out to install the heat lamps.

Water softener

You can have a water softener installed so it only affects the water in your bathroom. This is a good option if you want soft water in the bathroom, but not necessarily throughout the rest of the house. Having soft water in your bathroom comes with such benefits as softer skin and shinier hair. A water softener will also help resolve the problem of dealing with harsh calcium deposits in your sink, bathtub and toilet that can be difficult to scrub out.

A padded toilet seat

Another issue many people have with their bathrooms is sitting on a hard and cold toilet seat in the middle of the night. This issue can be resolved by replacing the toilet seat with a padded one. A padded seat has foam inside it and this keeps it from retaining the cold as much as the hard seats do.

A jetted bathtub

A jetted bathtub will push water out the jets and this causes the water in the bathtub to swirl. You can also rest against the jets to enjoy the sensation of a water massage on your back. Jetted bathtubs come in many styles and this means you can have one installed that fits nicely in your bathroom. Contact a professional plumber, like Roto-Rooter, to help install the pipes and fixtures for your new bathtub. 

If you want to enjoy your bathroom as much as possible, then you should consider getting started on some of these changes. Your bathroom can become one of your favorite rooms with a little work.


28 August 2015

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