5 Simple Plumbing Supplies Every Homeowner Should Keep In Their Toolbox


There will always be those plumbing emergencies when you have no choice but to call a plumber for help, but as a homeowner, it is always a good idea to be prepared for simple problems that can come up. Even though a lot of plumbing jobs will require the use of industry tools, there are a few issues that may arise that can be quickly rectified if you have the right things on hand. Here are five simple plumbing supplies you should keep around for just-in-case plumbing repairs.

1. Plumber's Tape – Plumber's tape, also sometimes referred to as water tape, can be used to wrap leaky pipes temporarily and can even be used to provide a thin layer of insulation in cold temperatures. This tape is made of super-stretchy material that has only a small amount of adhesive so it is easy to remove after it is no longer needed.

2. Plumber's Pipe Glue – Pipe glue is the compound used to hold pipes and joints together during plumbing repairs and pipe installation. This glue offers a tight seal in mere seconds, which is what you need when water is involved.

3. Pipe Ribbon – Pipe ribbon is often confused with plumbers tape, but is much narrower and does not contain any adhesive at all. The tape is made from a fibrous plastic material and is wrapped around screw-in joints to offer a tighter seal than what you can achieve without it.

4. Plumbing Putty – Plumbing putty is made up of an epoxy material that looks a lot like dough. It can be molded and shaped around holes, cracks, and other pipe damages in a pinch, and hardens quickly to form a solid repair. Plumber's putty is permanent, however, and should only be used as a temporary fix until you can have damaged pipes repaired or replaced.

5. Spare Bolts and Wing Nuts – There are a lot of plumbing components that are held in place with small bolts and wing nuts, such as faucet handles and spouts. These get lost way too often and you may be left scrambling for something or making a trip to the hardware store for help. Keep an extra stash of these items on hand that are clearly labeled for use with plumbing fixtures just in case you drop something down the drain.

When you have a handy cache of simple plumbing supplies on hand, you will be much more equipped to handle small plumbing issues in your home. Keep in mind, however, that a good residential plumber is always a phone call away, even if all you need is advice. 


27 August 2015

Learning About Plumbing Repairs

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